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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


The following brief answers to frequently asked questions are not meant to be exhaustive. The theological positions of the LC-I are found in Holy Scripture, The Book of Concord, and our Constitution. Please use the 'Contact" tab to be directed to these sources. The following may provide some useful background.

* The LC-I is Lutheran and Evangelical catholic. What does that mean?
--The LC-I is a Christian church in the Lutheran understanding because our belief is centered on Holy Scripture guided by the thought of the Lutheran reformers expressed in the Book of Concord (the accepted Lutheran foundational documents).

* What is the place of the foundational documents (Book of Concord) in the understanding Scripture of the LC-I as a church body?
-- The Book of Concord is fundamental to understanding of Scripture because it is states the accurate interpretation of Holy Scripture for our life as Christians.

*Why do you say that the LC-I is "evangelical catholic"?
-- The mission of the LC-I is to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so we are evangelical and active in ministry and outreach. The LC-I is universal or "catholic" in that we are part of the universal church as understood by the apostles. As a sign of this universality we maintain the apostolic succession reaching back to Christ's first apostles.

* How can I get more information?
-- We would be glad to hear from you. Just fill out a request form available on Home Page in the Contact Us section. Just click DROP US A LINE! button.

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